The Peaky Blinders slot machine from Pragmatic Play is one of the biggest news in slot machines in 2020. The slot machine has been developed in collaboration with Endemol Shine Gaming, which is not nearly as well known. It’s just a matter of finding your favorite casino that offers this good and fine game, and then you can start playing right away. The game has a lot of exciting features, and you will be entertained throughout the game. It’s a game that’s both fun and addictive, and it’s for everyone.

In Peaky Blinders you get both free spins and two bonus rounds. It’s a game of speed across the field, and you probably already know the popular TV series from Netflix. If you want access to the popular bonus rounds, you just have to hit one of the well-known scatter symbols. These go by the names The Shelby Betting Shop and The order of the Peaky Blinders scatter. The game also offers a logo bonus symbol which lands either on reel 1 or 3. With these there is ample opportunity to win free spins.

  • Castle name: Peaky Blinders
  • Developer: Pragmatic Play
  • Release date: August 2020
  • RTP: 96.5%
  • Jackpot/Maximum Win: Bet x 2,022

How to play Peaky Blinders Slot?

Getting started playing Peaky Blinders is easy and requires no prior knowledge of the game. The series was recorded by the BBC and can be seen in Denmark on e.g. Netflix and CMore, and if you’ve seen it there, the game won’t surprise you. However, it certainly offers exciting and unique features that you had not even imagined. The game has a nice design right from the first spin. Here, rotating symbols are offered in a warehouse, and there is great visual enjoyment in the game for all types of players.

You decide entirely yourself how much effort you make, but you must bet at least one kroner in each spin. The chances of winning are good, as the RTP is 96.5%, and you can win up to 2,022 times the bet you have made. You also have to pay attention to the alarm that is regularly heard in the game, as it helps to make it really exciting. It gives a very unique feeling that the police are always on someone’s heels. All in all, the game offers exhilarating entertainment.

Special features in the Peaky Blinders slot machine

Special features in the Peaky Blinders

Bonus features

If you are lucky enough to hit the right bonus features, there is the possibility of very large wins in this unique game. If you’re already familiar with Peaky Blinders, then you’ve definitely heard of the term “order of the peaky”. In the game, one of the coveted scatter symbols goes by this name, and if you hit this, free spins can be up for grabs. In the game, of course, you also get all the best of the series, and it’s just a matter of embarking on this adventure that is full of excitement.

Get two logo symbols at the same time

If you’re lucky enough to get two logo symbols at the same time, then it’s all going to be really exciting. Then there may be free spins on the horizon, and at the same time it also means that you can get the opportunity to leave the game with a really big win – depending on how much you have bet, of course. The so-called wild symbols in the game are also very sought after, and when you hit one of these, you have to hold your breath. Then the tension becomes really great.

Expect success with Peaky Blinders

success with Peaky Blinders

It is expected that this game will be one of the most popular games in online casino in 2020. The game has all the best from the popular TV series and you can quickly conclude that nothing is left to the coincidences. It is expected that the game will live up to the expectations of the players to a great extent and there is definitely a lot of excitement in the air when you sit down to play this highly entertaining game that has something to offer for everyone.

If you want to try the popular game, you can already play it today. You simply have to choose a casino provider that offers the game, and there are already several Danish online casinos that do. The excitement is great, the sounds are good, and the graphics are also top notch. There is no doubt that the theme is a bit harsh, but it is also very exciting. Just sit down to the screen to play this game – and of course you can also play it on the go.

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